The Chick Report

We went from from six eggs to twenty-nine eggs within the first two week. Whoa! As we know, from our handy calendar, the chicks should start hatching TODAY and then hatch consecutively throughout this week. I have a feeling most of our time will be sitting waiting and watching the chicks break free. I know, I know, not all of them will hatch and most or some will be roosters but…that is why we decided to hatch as many as possible, to ensure our success. The children have made their predictions.

We have taken all the eggs out of the rotator and layed them on the wire screen. It will be our job to rotate the eggs by hand two to three times a day. What I learned is that eggs can be very susceptible to disease. Washing hands will be extremely important before handling these precious little furry creatures.

And guess who is most excited of them all… our sweet little baby turkey who has been anxious to have some new friends.

Now we will wait….





Hatching new excitement

We are up to something exciting around here! One of the greatest aspects of living out in the country is that we are able to do some interesting experiments. Not only are we watching our tadpoles turn into frogs, our seeds grow into plants but now, we are watching eggs become chicks.

Our kind neighbor let us borrow their incubator to harvest chicken eggs. We have started with six eggs (two more came after I took this photo). They are a mix between Ameraucana and Road Island Reds. This week they will be bringing fertile eggs by daily for us to put into the incubator and watch for twenty-one days. We have marked each egg with the date so that we can count down and observe their progress. We have arranged it so that most of the chickens will hatch on a weekday while the children are here.  There is so much excitement that surrounds this experience. This is one beautiful thing.

20150331_102154 (1)