Hatching new excitement

We are up to something exciting around here! One of the greatest aspects of living out in the country is that we are able to do some interesting experiments. Not only are we watching our tadpoles turn into frogs, our seeds grow into plants but now, we are watching eggs become chicks.

Our kind neighbor let us borrow their incubator to harvest chicken eggs. We have started with six eggs (two more came after I took this photo). They are a mix between Ameraucana and Road Island Reds. This week they will be bringing fertile eggs by daily for us to put into the incubator and watch for twenty-one days. We have marked each egg with the date so that we can count down and observe their progress. We have arranged it so that most of the chickens will hatch on a weekday while the children are here.  There is so much excitement that surrounds this experience. This is one beautiful thing.

20150331_102154 (1)



It’s been too long…

Transitioning into Fall has been pretty easy. Living on the coast of California our best weather months are September and October. Yes, we feel very lucky.

The school has also been in transition. We have a few new students and a mini pot belly pig, Patsy Swine.

1453533_799183090124540_8881482437691622774_n (1)

She has been sharing residency between the kitchen and the classroom. We discovered she loves apples and can be a bit impatient when being fed. She loves to eat, what can I say.

Since we have officially said goodbye to the summer season, here are a few of my favorite shots…


Friendship has played a big role in the daily life here

20140915_092055 (1)


Learning about the forest and the animals that live there

20140908_085352 (1)


Keeping the garden healthy


Playing on the new hay fort

IMG_20140903_165338 (1)

Ruby  checking out the playhouse

IMG_20140909_1 (1)

A teddy bear picnic with all of our friends.

Happy Fall everyone!

Shovel and a rake

We spent a whole day shoveling and raking seven yards of wood chips. It’s done and it looks awesome.




Clover decided to bring out her wheel barrel and help too.

I am so excited to be licensed and to be opening our doors to the community in June. I can only hope families will think this place is as special as I do.