An offering of wonderful gifts


When families call and ask me to tell them about our school, the one thing I want them to know,the most important thing, is that we are unique. We are the place you take your child to when you want to break them away from the typical mold. We are a special place for children to go and experience the wonderment of childhood. We are a place that opens up a child’s heart and mind, imagination and creativity.

Hummingbirds, dragonflies, butterflies, honeybees and Red-tailed hawks fly high above and around us. Eucalyptus trees rest on the hill side behind us. Pine trees and redwood trees circle us. We are in it. We have been swallowed up by beauty and experience.

How could a child not be inspired to love when surrounded by so much beauty, so many wonderful gifts. How could any of us not be?


Smart Alec


My husband…what a man, what a man, what a mighty good man! Alec has been working so hard this week. He took off all the cement that made up the deck (seriously! somebody laid cement instead of wood). His brilliant and creative mind decided to repurpose the cement into the coolest path. I love it! He took down the rest of the walls that surrounded the deck to find lots of rotten beams. Ugh! This might be our biggest headache. The people who built this were obviously not professionals. We just picture the children enjoying this space and it all is worth it.